18 December 2011

december traditions

For breakfast around the holidays, there is nothing like a big slice of panettone. Just ask my husband, he is a huge fan. Each year around this time, I pick one up in a big fancy box just for him to enjoy. I always try it and always sigh, "Nope, I still don't like panettone." It's the brioche of disappointment in my book, too dry or stale with a few, sad dried fruits halfheartedly added to falsely appease the eater. But, when I came across a panettone with packaging that read Fabrication Artisanale followed by Pur Beurre, I thought this one might be different. However, it's that sugary almond-hazelnut topping that truly sealed the deal. I've helped myself to multiple slices this morning and even had to put it on a shelf, out of my sight to keep me from going back for more. So it's official, I am completely eating my words this year...and they are delicious!

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